Gold for Aero Sutan Aswar

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Aero Sutan Aswar at 2nd ABG, gold

16 Dec. – Teenager Aero Sutan Aswar became the youngest competitor
to win an Asian Beach Games jetski gold. The 16-year-old Indonesian
roared to victory in the runabout endurance open at Al Musannah and
credited his success to an ability to “read the waves”.

Sutan Aswar won both motos (heats) to clinch gold ahead of
Thailand’s Kritsada Wuttithosaporn, while bronze went to Athletes
from Kuwait’s Mohammad Albaz. “I tried to read the waves, and tried
not to jump but stay on the water,” Sutan Aswar said. “I did it
better than the others.” In the runabout endurance open, jetskiers
race around a five-kilometre buoy course for 30 minutes. Silver
medallist Wuttithosaporn admitted he did not adapt well to the wave
conditions, saying the sea was too calm for him. “In Thailand, our
training course was a lot harder, with a lot of jumping,” he said.
“This course was easier, yet it was harder for me because there
were a lot of turns and I’m not very good at turning. “It was also
tough because I’m 28, and he’s 16, so it’s probably not the same
level of fitness.” Bronze medallist Albaz also found the runabout
endurance open challenging. “I feel very tired,” he said. “The race
was very long.”

  1. […] Here is the gold medal finalist of the Runabout Endurance Open, Aero Sutan Aswar from Indonesia.  At only 16 years of age, he is the youngest to win a jetski gold medal in the Asian Beach Games! Read more about his win (with great pics) here! […]

  2. andydbrown says:

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for posting!

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