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The longest bridge on the ocean

Day1 (june 5) – 17.00

@ soekarno hatta Terminal 3

We arrived at the airport after struggling from the traffic. We’ve spent around 1,5 hours to get here. It was horrific condition on the bintaro toll road due to big floods hitting the street. Traffic jam all over the streets to and from bintaro toll road and affecting surrounding areas. But so far the plan still runs on schedule. We will depart to Bali at 5.20pm and arrive at 8.20pm. Stay around 4 hours in Bali and then we will fly to perth at 00.30am and arrive at 4.10am the next day (june 6). Till then….ciao

Day 2 (june 6) @ 916 vasse highway, busselton, western australia. We landed on schedule at 4 am in perth airport n it took an hour to get us thru the custom. Lil bit drama at the custom. For me it’s because the 50d canon camera with its long lens (70-200) and for ferry it’s because he brought more than 250 cigarettes. They held up us in the custom and asked alot of silly questions and tried to press us. But at the end we managed to get thru the bloody custom without the cigarattes (they keep it all)…damn it!

First taste of australian coffee was with lavazza, it was exellent. We ordered 2 small cups of mocha. Then grandy showed up to pick us and we’ve gone thru about 2,5 hours to get the house. The house is quite messy with alot of abandon things such as engines, trucks, caravans, cow shits all over the place, etc. We picked one of the nice caravans to stay and with a lil bit cleaning then it’s proper to stay in. Cont.

Day 3 (june 7)- after some freezing moment last nite finally we’ve managed to get thru the night safe. It was 12 degree and i wore 2 sweaters and 2 jackets plus 2 blankets. And also 1 heater. according weather forecasting we will have the worse weather condition within this week on wednesday (june 9) and will reach 2 degree…cant imagine that. This morning, i walk and run on the street to get warm up and get shower afterward. Its something that i will do frequently when i am here. Cont..

Day 4 (june 8)-Today, we started very early. We left home at 5am heading to bunburry train station. We bought 3 return tickets to perth at 42 dollar/pax. It took 2,5 hours to get there. Nothing much we do during the trip and we just continue our sleep :-). The train started to motion at 6am sharp. Soon when we arrived in perth we just start walking down the road heading to swan river, take some pics there and continue to northbridge looking for indo restaurant called sparrow. It located in the china town and unfortunately it was not open anymore. So we decided to take foods in another asian restaurants called penang resto. Eat there..n continue to the downtown. This time we spent time in TAB and playing doggy race betting. After sometime we move to fremantle. Taking the city train. It only cost 3,6 dollar to get there return. How to get ticket (ticket machine): pick Standard-Suburban-writte ur city destinantion and then pay it. Around 30 mnts we arrived in fremantle. The city itself is more like an old city with alot of old buildings. Spent about 1 hour there, walking, sightseeing, take pics, etc and then at 4.30pm we move back to perth. Soon we arrive in perth, we got to catch train to bunburry. And at 6pm, we back to bunburry and goin home. Cont.

Day 5 (june 9)-nothing much we do today. Morning time i spent 2 hours working in the house. In the afternoon, we went to town and basically we just played doggy race, nothing else. I took a few walking around the city and go back. Dinner time we eat at Fish n Chips (its abig fish and french fries enough for 3 people for only 16,5 aud). And then we went home and took an early sleep. Cont..

Day 6 (june 10), pretty much the same with yesterday. We only went to the town and do the same thing. And we plan to go to the liquor producers tomorrow with grandy’s boss.

Day 7 (june 11)- today we are not going to liquor factory because grendy’s boss car having trouble n i dont know what it was. So we decided to go another place which called Canal Rock. It located in the south west of australian and it was a hindia ocean. The place was magnificent with giant rocks as the main decoration. We took alot of pictures, we didnt want to miss the moment. Right after that we moved to city and spend some time there. And then we went home.

Canal Rock, WA

free as a bird

end of a day

most wanted

vineyard at margaret river


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